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In 2019 the Jerry Cooke Archive was gifted to the University of Texas at Austin. It is now housed at the Briscoe Center for American History. Lauren McGrath, Jerry’s daughter, holds the copyright of all the photographic work by Jerry Cooke. 

Photographers like Jerry Cooke “made the magazine an institution. This is their legacy, their work, which in archives, will survive.”
— Gerald Astor, author & editor of Sports Illustrated, 1954-1962

The Jerry Cooke Archives, Inc. is a collection of the photographic work of Jerry Cooke, which spans over six decades of Cooke’s career as a photojournalist.

Cooke covered a vast amount of subjects starting in 1939 as an apprentice to becoming a major sports photographer in the 1950s until the mid 1990s.

The archive contains several thousand black & white negatives, color transparency slides, and well over a thousand vintage photographs, printed on or close to the date that the photograph was taken. These vintage photographs are mostly black & white and some are in color.

The archive also includes tear sheets of published work, magazines, photographic books, job notes, and correspondence.

Most of the vintage prints in the Jerry Cooke Archive are dated between 1940 and 1970.
A vintage print is a photograph that was printed on or close to the date the photograph was taken.

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